Call for Demos & Posters

The GTTI Multimedia 2015 meeting includes a Poster, Demo and Exhibit Session. Demonstrations are intended as a forum for showcasing the state of the art in Multimedia Signal Processing. The focus will be on innovative prototype implementations, systems and technologies in this research field.

Demos can be considered as real, practical, and interactive proof of the presenters’ research ideas and scientific or engineering contributions, with the goal of offering researchers and practitioners in the area of multimedia processing the opportunity to discuss systems, applications, prototypes, or proofs-of-concept. This setting allows meeting attendants to view and interact with innovative solutions and ideas; and to witness leading-edge research at work. Participation of interested people from industry and the community is encouraged. Please contact the organizers in case you wish to participate without attending the workshop.
Demonstrators will be given a table and a power outlet. If the demo requires access to the Internet, please contact the organizers in advance. Demo presenters are expected to bring with them everything that is needed for their demo (hardware, laptops, sensors, PCs, etc).

The purpose of the Posters is to offer an overview of research in the area of GTTI Multimedia 2015. Workshop participants are encouraged to present a Poster, which may describe results that have already been presented in other major conferences or events.

Best Demo Award

All research demo submissions that have a student as leading author will be automatically subscribed to the Student Research Demo competition of GTTI Multimedia 2015. An evaluation committee will view and score the demos and select one for Best Demo Award. Demos will be primarily judged on originality, execution, and illustration of the core research ideas. The 500 € prize is sponsored by the GTTI.
The competing demonstrations will present applications of multimedia signal processing. Demonstrations are expected to highlight research ideas and their potential effects on the state of the art or the market in a concise, effective and clear fashion.

Demo & Poster Submission

Submissions are encouraged in all areas related to multimedia signal processing. Please submit a short demo description/extended abstract (max. 1 page in English) describing the scientific or engineering concepts behind the work; the novelty of the work; and how the work differs from existing systems/techniques. For demos, please also provide a description of what will be actually shown during the demo session.

The deadline for submitting a demo and poster proposal is February 1, 2015.